Welcome to my blog, as the title suggests, most topics on this website will be related to FileMaker.

Over the past nine years, I have been busy learning and programming FileMaker solutions; and I gotta say, FileMaker development has been a creative experience so far. So much has taken place over the past nine years, so much time spent improving my FileMaker knowledge from many other developers through forums and blogs, and now it’s time for me to give back to the FileMaker community; which is why I am starting this blog.

A brief blurb about my time with Rayment and Collins

Rayment and Collins is a graphic communications company. We have a diverse set of production capabilities with a full in-house prepress department, in-house offset and digital printing, in-house bindery and fulfillment; in-house IT infrastructure and management team; and a full design team.

At Rayment and Collins, I have had the pleasure of creating some really cool business solutions to help the company improve the efficiency of various workflows, along with helping us create new business opportunities.

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