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FileMaker Pro is a database design application that allows you to create a database to handle virtually any type of workflow requirements. It has lots of native tools to help you setup the database, create relationship between tables, create layouts, and create scripts. Also, it has a plugin architecture that allows you to use third-party plugins to help add functionality to your database solution.

Now that I have briefly summarized FileMaker Pro, I want to focus this post on FileMakers ease of use. FileMaker Inc, promotes the application as a very easy to use application that anyone can use right out of the box. This is true in some aspects and completely misleading in other aspects.

The easy to use aspect of FileMaker comes into play early in the database creation process when you are creating tables and fields. Making relationships between tables is really easy through the backend graphic user interface. The front end user interface makes creating layouts very easy through FileMakers Inspector tool. The inspector comes with a variety of formatting options similar to what MS Word and Adobe CS offers for document creation.

The misleading part comes into play when you need to create a database solution that is logically structured. All the amazing tools are great and they become easy to use after some pain staking trial and error attempts.

To really become a decent FileMaker developer you need to understand how database relationships work. FileMaker Pro will not tell you what to do or how to do it. Just like any development application it provides you with the tools you need, the knowledge needed to use these tools effectively hinges on your desire to learn.

I remember when I started using FileMaker, creating a table and fields was kids play; creating calculation was relatively easy because I had experience with calculations in excel. Creating portals and relationships is also kids play, creating advanced portals took while for because I struggles with the whole relationship aspect, but once I wrapped my head around the one-to-one or one-to-many concept of relationships, things started to get easier.

In summary, FileMaker Pro is easy to use, FileMaker development is easier than PHP coding because FileMaker gives us an interface tools to utilize.


I am just starting to learn about Magento. From what I have read, it might be the best platform to use when starting a serious ecommerce business.

So what do I know about Magento?

  • It is an EBay company
  • There are themes you can use just like WordPress
  • You will most likely need a dedicated web-hosting package
  • The core structure of the programming is designed to help users easily navigate for products on a website
  • It comes with a very nice prebuilt checkout module with easy to implement credit card processing options.
  • The backend takes sometime to figure out…there is a bit of a learning curve getting used to the admin panel on Magento.
  • More none ecommerce software developers are updating their respective application to integrate with Magento, so far I know of JobPro Central ( FileMaker Solution for CRM / MIS / Project Management ) and LightSpeed Retail ( POP software )


WordPress is simply awesome. I’m not a wordpress theme developer, I am a wordpress user and site administrator ( someone who sets up website’s on wordpress and manages the administrative end ). The rapid evolution of the wordpress platform and its support community is just amazing.

The only annoyance I have with WordPress is the speed at which updates are happening, but in exchange for how amazing and easy to use WordPress is becoming; dealing with updates every few months is not to bad. Just remember to check if your current theme will work on the latest wordpress platform update.

Another cool thing I have noticed recently, is that more themes are starting to have similar features. This is really nice because it allows someone to easily switch the theme of their site with less worry about sections breaking because your previous theme had a piece of code that your new theme does not have. Notice I said less worry, again always be careful when switching a theme….DO NOT GET LAZY…MAKE A BACKUP