I am just starting to learn about Magento. From what I have read, it might be the best platform to use when starting a serious ecommerce business.

So what do I know about Magento?

  • It is an EBay company
  • There are themes you can use just like WordPress
  • You will most likely need a dedicated web-hosting package
  • The core structure of the programming is designed to help users easily navigate for products on a website
  • It comes with a very nice prebuilt checkout module with easy to implement credit card processing options.
  • The backend takes sometime to figure out…there is a bit of a learning curve getting used to the admin panel on Magento.
  • More none ecommerce software developers are updating their respective application to integrate with Magento, so far I know of JobPro Central ( FileMaker Solution for CRM / MIS / Project Management ) and LightSpeed Retail ( POP software )