Dynamic Record Creation and Finds with FileMaker

Welcome to Dynamicus ( A Modular FileMaker Project ) 

Purpose: Go somewhere, do something

Toolbox: A compilation of modular, parameter heavy scripts

Main Scripts:

– Create one or multiple records or requests and set the field values with solution.record [master]

– Go to a layout ( using various window controls ) with core.control [go to layout]

– Set field values to multiple fields through script parameter with core.record [set fieldvalue]

+ A bunch of other modular scripts ( core.utility [dialog] , core.window [name] , core.window [mode] , and more )


This project was started before the New Script Workspace, therefore some of the modular scripts may seem useless on account we can now type our scripts, making scripting process a lot faster. Anyway, hope this file helps.

Special Thanks to:

Modular FileMaker ( modularfilemaker.com ) for promoting modular coding practice, and to Propagator  (from Modular FileMaker) for giving me the idea to create my version of Propagator.


Download DynamicRecords