About Me


Professionally I would say that I am entrepreneurial at heart and production-oriented by nature. If I remember correctly, I got my first job when I was in the 7th grade, and I have not gone more than a few months without some sort of job since then. Currently, I am the primary FileMaker developer at Rayment & Collins.

Before I became engulfed with creating databases for various workflows and customers at Rayment & Collins, I worked as a Print Production Coordinator for eight years. During this time I have slowly built a small personal client base for graphic design and website projects.

When I’m not creating FileMaker solutions or designing marketing material, I have my hands full with my two little kids. If I get anytime after that, I’m just hanging out with my wife watching a movie or two. In those rare moments where there is more time available you’ll find at the nearest basketball court.

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Over the course of 3 years I have worked on a variety of FileMaker projects. Below you will find short summaries of the solutions I have had the pleasure of creating with the talented staff at Rayment and Collins.

Print Order Processing

The Challenge

Streamline the print production process for our clients corporate print collateral.

The Solution:

We developed a very intuitive user interface that allows us to import the clients data files into FileMaker and automate particular tasks.

Some of the features that were developed include:

  • Status Tracking
  • Print Imposition Layout Creation**
  • Automatic Costing Allocation
  • Shipping Label Generation
  • UPS Shipping integration

** This feature allowed us to develop a solution using a Third-Party software to semi-automate the generation of print ready imposed PDF files for production.

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Design and Print Order Management

The Challenge:

Increased volume of orders from one of our clients was becoming too much to maintain without a custom computerized data entry solution.

The Solution:

Using FileMaker we developed a data entry workflow that allowed to us template the ordering process and reduce the time it takes to put an order into production. Further, continuous improvements have been added as users find new ways to further automate particular processes.

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The Brewhouse

This is the evolution of our Design and Print Order Management (FileMaker)

The New Challenge

As worked continued to increase and our internal operations continued to run smoothly (thanks to our FileMaker solution), our client asked if we could develop feature to allow our client users to login and create their orders rather than sending instruction via email.

The Improved Solution:

We had to work in relatively beta environment via FileMakers IWP option, so that we could develop new sections and features of our system in a very short amount of time and effort. The primary reason I choose the IWP route was because we really had no idea what the client facing interactions was going to look like, so we dove right into IWP and worked from the ground up on creating the new client facing section to our existing system.

Some of the cool stuff we added:

  • Tag based filtering ( 3 – 5 levels/categories of tags to filter from )
  • Session control model
  • Online Graphic Approval process
  • User profile filter control

I truly think we pushed the envelope of FileMaker’s IWP engine with this new section.

If you’ve read this far and would like to see a demo of this truly amazing design and print ordering portal please contact me to schedule an appointment or webinar.

Here is link to the site. The Brewhouse Online Portal

Code and Prize Redemption Processing

The entire data model and how a system of controls regulate the validation and processing of redemption transactions.

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Print Quotations

Easily combine digital and offset components to a single quote. Developed more for advanced estimators who need to be able to override certain quoting logic when needed….

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Document Archiving

Tool an existing AppleScript that moved files from multiple folders into a central folder for archiving and created a solution that would run the AppleScript on each record that was flagged for archiving and would record back when the folder was successfully moved….this made our archiving process much faster, more dynamic and more organized as things where easier to process and track.

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Employee Timesheets

Created an employee timesheet recording system with some cool data control processes …needs more info.

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As I reflect on my short ten year professional career I have seen a repeating pattern develop. In each of my many ( 4 jobs in 10 years ) I have always look for a way to make my tasks easier to process. And to my credit, I was always able to find ways to systemize the way I work. Meaning I found ways to make doing my day to day activities more organized. I guess I always turned to technology for ways to simplify my tasks.

Two years ago I was introduced to an application called filemaker. I had no know clue what filemaker was, first I thought it was just the name of the mis solution my employer had purchased. Then I found out it was an application for creating databases. Then I looked at solution I was using for the past few month and I thought some more …” if this is a filemaker database looks like..it’s sucks”.

Fast forward a few months, the company asked me to evaluate a FileMaker solution called Job Pro Central

Fast forward a few more months, We have a customized job pro central version to better meet our business needs.

Fast forward 2 years later, we still use Job Pro, along with over 5 FileMaker solutions for various workflows to meet the needs of our business with various clients.