FileMaker – The friendly kid

Last year I attended a FileMaker GO seminar at Jump IT in Toronto, hosted by David Pong of FileMaker Canada.

As David was talking about FileMaker he made a simple analogy about FileMakers ability to connect to multiple types of database platforms.

“[Within the world of database applications and platforms], FileMaker is the friendly kid that gets along with everyone” David Pong (FileMaker Canada – Business Development Manager)

What David was trying to get across, was that FileMaker can connect to different database technologies like MySQL and can almost fully manage all content aspects of the foreign data source. So, what does this really mean? It means that you can create very sophisticated solutions, where one part of the solution might be a high volume SQL database that is on the web and accessed from all over the world; and another part of the solution, the FileMaker part is used by the main users.

One cool thing I discovered recently regarding FileMaker and it’s ability to connect to multiple datasources.

On a SQL database it is a little difficult to read a table from another database; whereas with FileMaker you can connect multiple files to a single file very easily, you can even connect databases from different servers.