FileMaker as a Rapid Application Development Technology

FileMaker Inc. positions FileMaker as a Rapid Application Platform.

So what does this mean?

It means that business oriented databases can be started rather quickly, but more importantly FileMaker allows the development process of a business solution to adapt to changes in the business rather fast.

From my experience when we start a new FileMaker project we start with the immediate problems that need to be solved and once the solution is set in motion new challenges and requests are brought forward. At this point FileMaker allows us to quickly make changes to layouts, scripts and data entry processes.

Changes can made while the solution is active or through a staging process.

All this is made possible by FileMaker’s built in tools for layout design, script making and database design.

It’s hard to describe all the wonderful things that are possible through FileMaker.

I guess a good way to look at it is – don’t worry about what FileMaker can do, and worry more about what you need FileMaker to do for you.