My First Thoughts about FileMaker

In 2010 I started working at Rayment and Collins, that is when I first heard of FileMaker. The company had an existing solution comprised of 4-5 data files, none of which were connected to each other; meaning they ran as a separated database, not sharing or passing any information from one database to the other.

My initial response was, “man this thing is very basic”. The solution worked for the company for the most part, but as times change the solution became outdated.

I thought FileMaker was a poor mans MIS system, a do-it-yourself thing.


Boy was I wrong, When the company asked me to evaluate a prebuilt FileMaker management information system called JobPro Central, my perception of FileMaker turned 180 degrees. Then I found out that FileMaker was a subsidiary of Apple Inc.; the company that changed the world with its products. I instantly become very interested in this relatively unknown database application program known as FileMaker Pro.

I just knew, if Apple Inc, had interests in FileMaker that there has to be something truly special about FileMaker.

The rest is history.