My Experience at the 2013 FileMaker DevCon

This past summer I was fortunate to have been able to attend the annual FileMaker developers conference in San Diego, California.

There were so many sessions and only so much time in a day, but thanks the DevCon2013 application for FileMaker Go I was able to navigate through the session schedule with easy to determine which sessions to attend and where they were. If there was a particular speaker I liked, I could easily use the FileMaker Go app to see what other sessions the speaker was scheduled to present.

Fast forward 5 days….

I walked away from the conference with a few new friends, a few new FileMaker topics to research, and a better understanding of the power of FileMaker as a database development platform.

There were two speakers who really captured my attention.

Court Bowman from Cleveland Consulting introduced me to the MVC (Model View Control) theory on how to structure data logic, and Todd Geist from Geist Interactive / Seed Code explained how to create modular code for easy implementation into different solutions; along with FileMaker’s native data locking functionality and it’s benefit over other programming platforms.

Todd is the founder of, a resource website for the sharing of filemaker code that can be used to add features and functionality to any FileMaker solution.

Court Bowman has a really cool FileMaker solution for generating pivot reports in FileMaker. It’s worth checking out.

Further, I was introduced to the data separation model through various conference sessions. I had used the separation model in one of my previous solutions, but only in very limited scope. After researching a little more about the benefits of the data separation model, I made it a standard practice in all of my future projects; 1 file script and layout; 1 file strictly for data. You can find many articles on the data separation model by simply searching on the web. Here is a link to the first article I read on the topic, it is from SixFriedRice: Data Separation Model

There was a big focus on user interface design. Any session that talked about design was guaranteed to be a packed house.

On FileMaker’s end they actively promoted their FileMaker Go application. Whether it was through demo solutions or through their sales force, the focus was almost solely on FileMaker Go usage. Personally, I have not had the need to develop anything for mobile usage, but just like FileMaker Inc. I see why mobile versions or mobile friendly business solutions are important, as it is not difficult to foresee it becoming a standard requirement for any business. Thank you Steve Jobs for making a digital drug that changed the world in a few short years. I am referring to the first globally successful PDA / Smart Phone the iphone….I write most of my blogs on my WordPress iphone app.

Lastly, the big announcement that no one was supposed to talk about until now…the release of FileMaker IWP version 2.0, renamed as FileMaker WebDirect. It is an impressive upgrade from the previous IWP both in design options and it’s data handling, but still limited with its scalability scope and now with it’s pay per connection pricing model. I’ll talk more about WebDirect after I get a chance to start creating solutions designed to be used via a web browser.

In a nutshell, the conference opened my eyes to some cool database design theories and to the wide reach FileMaker has across many industries.