Why FileMaker


If you currently use a FileMaker solution in your workplace, you probably already know why your company uses FileMaker for their data management. Now this does hinge on the notion that the solution you are using has been programmed to help you with your daily business tasks and is not perceived as an annoying data entry system that only slows down the data entry process.

If you have never heard of FileMaker (like myself 3 years ago…check out my post on my first thoughts about FileMaker).

If I had to describe FileMaker in a few words, I would say: FileMaker is Awesome!

Okay, back to explaining why a customized business solution built within the FileMaker platform is hands down a must have.

  • Completely customizable to meet your specific business needs. You are really only limited to the programmers skill and creativity.
  • Very flexible to change / update. As your business grows and new challenges and requirements arise, your FileMaker solution can grow and change rather fast to facilitate the changes. Read more about FileMaker as a Rapid Application Technology.
  • FileMaker Inc. is a stable and profitable company who is owned by one of the coolest company’s on the planet….APPLE INC
  • FileMaker GO (Your Business Database on Your Phone), give you direct access to your solution on an iphone or ipad via FileMaker’s app for iOS.



If you can say “yes” to any of the listed scenarios below, then FileMaker is probably a good fit for you.

  • Your current solution is based on excel spreadsheets.
  • You do not have any type of data entry solution worth bragging about
  • You need to retrieve and write data from multiple datasources.
  • You need to created various report and/or invoice scenarios
  • You need a solution for a specific workflow or business unit
  • You have tried other solution systems, but they did not meet all of your business needs